About Me

Hello, and welcome to my blog!


This is the first time I have ever kept one of these, and It’ll be mostly about my journey through fitness goals, pet-keeping, and working in a school.


What are the main things about me?

  1. I love art, music and animals.
  2. I frequently irritate the husband by buying decor that we don’t need for our home.
  3. I love fitness, and I’m trying to find more time to exercise whenever I can.
  4. I love experimenting with cooking and trying new meals, so I will be reviewing lots of meals I have either found or invented.
  5. I love photography, so look out for my photography walks.


You can also look out for cute pictures of my Syrian hamster, Blondie!



I hope you enjoy my blog, it is honestly just a mish-mash of whatever I have experienced throughout the year! If you do, don’t forget to like and subscribe!