Cottage Cauliflower Cheese Pie??

First week back at the school after half term. Although I have enjoyed being back, I am absolutely shattered!


I managed to go to the gym on Monday, but failed to go the rest of the week as I felt far too tired and drained. It has also put the diet on a mini back-burner this week so I could try to recover, but this week I am determined to get on with things!

A few of the meals I mentioned last week were either ones I wanted to experiment with or ones I hadn’t tried before, so here are my reviews…


Monday: baked chicken breast with salad.

20180219_183006[1]So the name of the recipe doesn’t sound new to anyone, but I tried a seasoning that came with my Muscle Food delivery called “Deep South Rub”. I didn’t use the whole packet, but I have found before that it can be kept in a plastic container for a while. This seasoning is great for chicken and it is full of flavour. I sprinkled the chicken with cheese during the last five minutes of cooking, and then sliced it to top my salad with. This would make a great lunch for work, and would be perfect during those warmer summer nights as a light dinner.

You can buy the seasoning here.

Tuesday: bacon cheeseburger cauliflower casserole.


My blender couldn’t cope with the cauliflower, so I used the florets whole instead. A proper food processor has been on my wish-list for a long while!! Because of this, it pretty much tasted like cauliflower cheese with a cottage pie mixed in, topped with bacon. I think my version should be more aptly named “Cottage Cauliflower Cheese Pie”! This was such a nice hot meal to suit these cold days, and the cheese was so gooey.

You can find the recipe here.


I also had the sausage sheet pan dinner with the veggies from when I reviewed it in this blog. I’m pleased to say that they kept well in the freezer and that this meal was another success!


I’m really enjoying trying all these new meals, so I have planned many new ones for next week. I’ve been drawing more and more on what I learned in my open college level 2 course in nutrition, just so that I can make sure I am getting the right variety of nutrients to suit the diet, and also to make sure I have a good variety of meals to keep myself from getting bored. I’m hoping to make sure that every week I have three chicken meals, one beef or pork meal, a veggie meal and two fish meals, one being oily fish.

For lunch next week I’m trying home-made cheese crackers and cashew nuts (all keto-friendly recipes), and for breakfasts I am trying frozen lemon and blueberry Greek yogurt cups (also keto-friendly).

My dinners next week are:

  • Sunday: courgette tuna cakes with salad
  • Monday: creamy garlic chicken and broccoli with vegetables.
  • Tuesday: salmon fillets with garlic lemon butter sauce and vegetables.
  • Wednesday: bacon and pineapple BBQ chicken with salad.
  • Thursday: tomato and halloumi bake with salad.
  • Friday: low-carb cheese tacos.
  • Saturday: keto butter chicken with spinach.


Another thing I am aiming for this week is to restart using to-do lists every day. This last week I have felt so unproductive, not getting much done and lacking motivation, and I think that has been impacting on my mood and energy levels a lot. I am going to set ten things to get done before I sit down for the evening each day, be it housework, exercise or organising, so that I can make the most of each day and maintain positivity. This helped in university, so hopefully it will work again!

Here’s to a more productive and healthy week!



P.S. This little fluff monster has been so affectionate this week, so enjoy a blurry close-up of her cheeky face!


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