First Year in School = GERMS!!!

I have been so ill this week, being bed-bound with a migraine on Tuesday and feeling drained all week, so no gym at all. I even felt too tired to cook on some days! By the end of the week yet another flu-like bug had hit me, but I’m now armed with Sudafed, gallons of water and a plan going into next week to really beat this! Now that the days are getting lighter and the weather is getting warmer, it should be onwards and upwards from here.


There were two meals to review this week, but I made a mistake and forgot to pick up any cans of chopped tomatoes. The pepperoni pizza chicken bake ended up being another of my “shove it together and hope for the best” meals!

I decided to slice a couple of chicken breasts down the middle, placing a slice of cheddar and some pepperoni into them, and wrapped each one with a couple of slices of bacon. I baked them whilst covered for twenty minutes, placed some mozzarella on top and then baked them for another ten minutes.


The result was a gorgeous meal served with some cucumber, lettuce, spinach and tomato! The chicken was full of the flavour from the cheese, bacon and pepperoni, contrasting to the plain and fresh taste of the salad


The second meal was baked fish with lemon cream sauce. I cooked some basa fillets from frozen with the sauce, covering it, for about twenty minutes. I then uncovered it and cooked it for a further ten minutes while the vegetables steamed.


This meal was so good! I meant to do some rice with it, but it didn’t need it. The sauce had a lovely after-taste to it, and the whole meal was so good. I have frozen two portions of this as there was a lot of sauce. Another bonus was that it was fiance-approved!


I have gone back to a few recipes from a book that my brother gifted me a couple of years ago. It is the first Lean In 15 book by Joe Wicks (The Body Coach). There are loads of recipes in this book that have become keepers for both my fiance and I, and I tried a new one yesterday for breakfast. This was eggs baked in avocado, but I decided to use a couple of chorizo slices instead of the bacon and skipped out on the sliced chillies. I wasn’t sure of raw avocados before, but they are really tasty when they are cooked.

I have been recently looking at new plant projects on Pinterest, and I found one about growing an avocado from a pit. I’ve decided to try this out!


Using the guides I had found on Pinterest, I cleaned the pit of any flesh and used cocktail sticks as a scaffolding to hold it over a jar. I then filled the jar up with water until the bottom half of the pit was submerged. With a change of water every few days, I’m hoping to see signs of growth in a couple of weeks. It may take a few years to produce avocados, but by then I’ll have more space to let it grow bigger. They are also really pretty plants, so that’s a bonus if it doesn’t produce any!


In other news, I helped with an after-school trip to a handball festival on Thursday. I have never heard of the sport before, but when I was watching the matches and saw the enthusiasm on all the children’s faces I decided that I would have a look into adult teams. I found one in my local area, so hopefully I can try it out in the future. Another bonus of helping with school trips? Meeting famous people! The ex-captain of the UK London 2012 Olympic team was hosting the event!


I’m aiming to make this coming week a lot better by planning lots of healthy and nutritious meals, and also getting back to the gym. I’m going to take it easy this week to ensure I get better, but by next week I’m determined to be back on full-form and pushing myself to be as healthy and active as possible!

Being near the end of our food stock, I am currently using up the meals and meat in the freezer. There aren’t any new meals to review next Sunday, but I am bringing back a favourite from the Lean in 15 book, which I will talk about next week.


Here’s to making this week one of recovering!



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