Honeymoon Cruise Port Seven: Oslo, Norway

Our final port of call on our honeymoon was Oslo in Norway. The journey through the fjord into the city was spectacular, with all the little houses up the hillsides and the jetties from every island. We moored up beside The Resistance Museum, which provided a really wonderful view from our cabin’s balcony. After disembarking, we changed it up for the last day by using a land train to travel around the city. Considering the weather, is was a much more breezy way to travel!

We first stopped at the Royal Palace and strolled around the grounds. The palace was incredibly grand and the walk up to it, albeit torturous in the hot weather, added to its grandeur. The grounds were free to explore and there was nature and wildlife everywhere we looked. It made a brilliant spot for my favourite type of photography!

We then we walked back towards the shopping centre. Contrasting to how built up the city was, there was a little park running down from the bottom of the palace pathway to the Norwegian parliamentary building. In this park were statues and a fountain where children were paddling in the shade of the trees.

Outside the entrance to the parliamentary buildings are a pair of large, stone lions made out of Norway’s county volcanic stone. We found out that these were carved by a prisoner that had been sentenced to death, then given a life sentence, and finally was able to start a new life in the US due to his success with his work in prison. His lions were highly praised and ended up as the symbols of parliament.


We found a very posh cafe for an iced coffee where we relaxed in the cool air of the old building, and then set of by land train towards the town hall. On the tide of one of its towers is a clock, which not only tells the time but also the date, the month, the zodiac sign and the phases of the moon!


After another ride on the land train, we went for a wander around the resistance museum, but unfortunately it was closed. Yet the views from the top of the hill it sits on were stunning. So were the views from our next stop: The opera house.

We travelled on the land train again, getting off to walk alongside the water towards the opera house. When we reached it we found a cafe inside to stop for a cold drink and a cake. Afterwards, my husband decided that we should walk all the way to the top of the building… in the heat… after walking all day…

By the time we reached the top I was sweating and panting,  but this didn’t outweight the reward of the views from there! You could see so far in each direction, including out to sea. Close to the shore, there was a statue made out of glass and metal called She Lies, which glinted in the sunlight. We got out breath back and took in the scenery, then headed back to the ship via one last land train tour around the city.

We went into the store next to our ship as we felt it was too early to re-embark just yet. In there I found a really nice winder coat in my favourite colour: completely useless at the time but it has now come in very handy! Speaking to the lady at the till, we found out that normally it would be 19 degrees in July. However, it was 29 degrees that day!

We headed back onto the ship to rest our legs and grab a bite to eat. We weren’t due to leave until late in the evening, which was nice for the last port as it meant we weren’t officially heading home yet! Oslo is such a beautiful city, as with everywhere else we had visited. I have truly fallen in love with Scandinavia and we are both hoping to do not only another cruise to all the countries, but also one of the Norwegian Fjord cruises in the near-ish future.

It was sad to know it was almost the end of our two-week honeymoon as the ship had become home away from home for us. We’ve caught the cruise addiction now, so much so that every other type of holiday now feels a little less luxurious. It has given us such amazing memories that I will cherish forever and remember through the more than one thousand photos I took. I honestly couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend our honeymoon!




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