Furzey Gardens, New Forest

Last week, my husband and I went out to the New Forest for a walk in two different places. The first was Burley, and the second was a little place in London Minstead called Furzey Gardens. Whilst looking for another location on Google Maps, I noticed this place nearby and had a look at the pictures other people had shared of it. It looked so pretty!

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Furzey Gardens is a beautiful little place with a cafe, a walk round a lake full of lilypads, and an adventure to find all the fairy doors around the place. These are hidden all around the trails for children (and adults!) to find, and they are made using little wooden doors and huts tucked into the trees and bushes. It’s such a lovely place to take children as they could really let their imagination run free. No matter how many times you walk around, whether it be another fairy door, flowers or wildlife, you spot something that you didn’t spot before. We ended up spending a good couple of hours here because it was so interesting, and so peaceful!

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Along another part of the walk, you find yourself on the side of a hill. The view across all the fields is so wonderful! You don’t realise how tucked away from main roads this place is until you see that view, as when you arrive you could easily lose yourself in all the trails under the trees. It is a perfect little piece of serenity to get away from the hustle and bustle of towns, especially in the summer holidays!

As you can see, I took far too many photos here and I couldn’t choose which ones to upload… so up they all go! I’ve decided to try slideshows for a change from mosaics because of the sheer amount of pictures there are, so I’m hoping I haven’t forgotten any of them!




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