Chewton Bunny Walk To The Seaside

Last Tuesday, my parents and I decided to make the most of the weather and go for a walk local to them. After a little walk through the holiday sight near them, we headed down to a humpback bridge where you can take a path down by the stream. This starts you off at a waterfall, and you can follow the path all the way through the trees and down to the sea.

I used this walk as part of my A Level Photography project on moving water, so it was nice to relive some of those memories… apart from the one where I nearly lost my SLR in the lake when my tripod leg started to sink in the mud! I had a quick go at some slow shutter speed shots of the waterfall, and spotted some interesting plants and holes in trees along the path.

We ended up at the sea, where there were lots of people soaking up the sun’s rays and playing in the waves. We walked up along one of the groynes to take some shots of the waves hitting the rocks: another trip down A Level memory lane! After enjoying the sea views and walking back up the cliff, we stopped for a nice cuppa and cake at the holiday site cafe and headed back to my parents’ house.


This is a lovely, peaceful walk as it doesn’t get too busy. It isn’t really well known, which is good in terms of leaving it preserved in all the nature surrounding it. There isn’t parking near the start of the walk, so it’s best to park in the nearby town of Highcliffe and walk up and back along the route. Alternatively, if you’re staying at the holiday site, it’s a good little walk to get away from the busy atmosphere of the park. 



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