Running Through The Summer Holidays

I’m one of those people who gets incredibly bored in the school holidays if I don’t have something to work towards. That target could be fitness related, home decorating, an art or photography project, or learning something new. This holiday, I decided to set myself a running target.

I found out about this website called Race At Your Pace, where you could set yourself an amount of miles to do in a month. This could be by walking, running, cycling or swimming. Kids can do challenges too, which makes it a fantastic way to keep fit as a family during the holidays. If you achieve your goal at the end of the month, you receive a medal and a compression top.

Image result for race at your pace august 2019

The colour and design of these changes every month, often matching the seasons, so August’s medal is yellow and has bees and honeycomb patterns on it and the top is a lovely blue tank-style top. I decided on setting myself the 25 mile running challenge, which is a little over 40km.

Two weeks into August, I had already blown the 25 mile goal out of the water! Thankfully, you can go over the goal you had originally set and increase it on the website near the end of the month. I thought this was a great idea as I wasn’t sure how much I’d do, there was one week where the weather rained off any chances I had to get out for a run, and it meant I could push myself as far as possible. I ended up increasing it to 50 miles, which I have beaten very comfortably too! To claim your medal and top, you enter proof of the miles you’ve run onto the website at the end of the month through an email they send you. This can be a screenshot of your fitness app, such as Garmin or Fitbit, or a spreadsheet of all the recorded runs. I did the latter to keep a tally of the mileage I’d done, as I was able to convert from kilometres to miles a lot easier.

My running mileage was rather helped by a run last week, where I got myself ready and decided it was a good idea to Google how many kilometres are in a half marathon! My brain went “well, try it! If I do it, brilliant! If not, then it’ll be the furthest I’ve ever ran!”. I went out and ran one of my favourite routes to the beach. I went all the way along the coastline, passing lots of runners going the other way. I could see why because the wind was really against me! I stopped briefly a couple of times to refill my water bottle, and I had to walk a little at around 16km as my legs were really starting to ache, but once they calmed down I carried on all the way to 21km! A half marathon is 21.0975km, but at events they’ll often round it up to 22km. I was pretty darn happy with my 21km, and I didn’t care about the aches I had the next day because I felt to proud of myself. In all honesty, I surprised myself by achieving it! I’m hoping to do a half marathon even in the near future, and I’m planning on doing it for charity, but it’ll depend on my workload at university. I’m sure I’ll find the right time and place though!

So all in all, this summer holiday has been fantastic for my running progress! I’d planned to make the most of the time off to get my fitness to a standard that I’m happy with and, thanks to these two smashed running goals, it’s safe to say that I have!



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