Badbury Rings

Last Sunday, my husband and I made the most of the sunny weather and went for a walk around Badbury Rings. This is an ancient settlement situated on a hill with a difference. The sides aren’t just a straight incline, they are actually made of built-up humps circling the hill all the way to the bottom. This was a great defence mechanism for the people who used to live there all those lifetimes ago!

We parked up, which is only a few pound for the day and goes towards the site’s conservation, and headed round the side of the hill. We spotted a lovely friendly dog that came up to say hi, and what was a really nice walk ended up having lots of insect-spotting all the way round! There were all manor of butterflies, spiders and grasshoppers, which made me thankful I’d brought my camera along.

As you walk around the site, you’ll find Ordinance Survey points. There is also one at the top in between the trees that has a dial on it that shows you which direction the local towns, villages and landmarks are in. So not only is it a nice place to walk and get away from the hustle and bustle of the towns, you can also learn about the site, its heritage and the local area too. This place is beautiful on a sunny day, but it would also be amazing to sit at the top of the hill and watch a storm roll in!

Although it is tricky to find the turning for the car park, I really recommend this place for anyone interested in nature or British history, tourists with or without kids, and even dog walkers wanting a change of scenery.




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