Hazel The Hamster: Update

I realised yesterday that: 1) I hadn’t written a blog this weekend, and 2) I haven’t written about Hazel for a long while. So I thought give an update on how she has been since we took her home.

She does this a lot: The in-and-out-the-cage game!

I have to start by saying she is the most laid back hamster ever! She settled right in and was so confident in getting used to us. She doesn’t seem bothered by people at all. She will wake up whenever she is ready in the evenings, climb on us for a while then explore the lounge before heading back to forage for her food.

This was one of the first mornings that I started my PGCE! I think she was confused about why I was up so early.

In terms of taming, she has been so chilled out. She’s not really that bothered by human interaction as she just wants to explore and run around. She also hasn’t bitten at all! She only used her teeth once on me to gently hold my finger and move it away, but never to intentionally hurt. I think that’s partly due to the way we brought her home, as she was a lot less stressed compared to when we brought Blondie home.

This was in the first couple of weeks of my PGCE, where she decided to climb on my work to tell me to stop for the night.

I have been using aspen reptile bedding for her, which she seems to really like, and I use kitchen towel and loo roll for her nesting material. I have started to mix it all up together so she has to search for nesting material, which enriches her and simulates what she would mostly do in the wild. Last night, she decided to trash her cage searching for it all!

After telling me to stop the university work for the night, she went mountaineering on the sofa!

Initially, I used a bottle in a makeshift holder for water. This is the only issue with having a tank for her home. After a while, I realised she didn’t really drink out of it much so I decided to buy a small glass tea light to try her drinking from that instead. There is a myth that if they tend to sit in the water, leading to a disease called wet tail, but the worst she has done with it has been tipping it up in search for food and dumping all the water out into the bedding. She seems to get on a lot better with it than she did with the bottle, as it’s a lot less full every night. The only think I need to keep an eye on is that the water is fresh everyday without any bedding in it. Other than that, I much prefer it and so does she.

Lately she has taken a liking in lying in her sand, looking all sulky but adorable!

So overall, she has been a super easy hamster to raise! She is friendly and independent, and comes out to say hi to visitors (with a little bit of a food bribe!). I’m glad I decided on a reptile tank for her as, other than having my dad make a better lid for it for air flow, it gives her plenty of space for toys, her wheel and nests, and it is nice and secure. She’s now coming up to a year old, so we still have plenty of time to enjoy her (Hazel)nutty antics!!



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