Teacher Training: First Two Weeks on School Placement

I wasn’t able to write a blog last weekend as I had so much work to do, but I’ve had such a great time at my placement school over the last couple of weeks!

I arrived nice and early on Monday last week and was met by such a warm welcome. My tutor arrived shortly after me and showed me to our classroom. I met the year team, including the teaching assistants that I’ll be working with, who are all so friendly! I already feel like a part of the school, even though I’m only visiting and I’ve only been there for two weeks!

The children started to come in and they all greeted me with at least a smile. I got to know some of their names, so now I’m proud that I know pretty much all of them after just two weeks! I spent most of the first week supporting the class in each of the lessons, getting to know the children and seeing what their abilities were. I could also get to know the routines in the school and how each lesson was taught, which will really help me out when I come to teach more. On the very first day we had a staff meeting all about the curriculum and how it is delivered in the school. This took me back to my first assignment (due on Friday!), so I felt I could really contribute to the discussions during the meeting by using what I had researched and read up on. It kind of acted as a reminder for the assignment, as I had pretty much left it during the week so I could focus on school instead. It’s now at second-draft phase, so I’m getting there!

This past week has really increased my teaching experience so far. I attended two parents evenings, taught a group of children for guided reading a couple of times, and even taught a couple of whole-class lessons! The first was a 15-minute grammar starter for English, which was all about past tense verbs. The children all seemed really engaged and enjoyed the lesson, and I even had a lovely compliment about my teaching from one child! The second lesson was a Music lesson, using a program that has units of work based on songs the children learn to perform. I was pretty nervous about it, so when the teacher who has my class part-time asked if I’d teach all the Music until Christmas I said yes… on the grounds that this lesson went well! We had a laugh about it and I was wished good luck on it by lots of staff, but it actually went really well! I had a couple of technical difficulties with a keyboard running out of battery and the web browser throwing a tantrum, but the children all had fun in the lesson, listened well and performed brilliantly! I think I will teach Music up to Christmas after all!

It’s half term this week, so I mostly get a much-needed break after the last month or so of early starts! I’m at university for one day, and I have the assignment due in, but I’m determined to make the most of the time off and to enjoy both mine and my husband’s birthdays! One of the teaching assistants in my class is so nice that she got me a lovely card and cactus for my birthday too! I have four lessons to plan for the week after, one of which is computing that I’m looking forward to the most, but they won’t take me long at all. Other than that it’s sleep, hamster cuddles, birthday celebrations and relaxation!

I should be able to write a blog next weekend, but after that they may have to drop down to fortnightly depending on workload. It’ll all depend on how much I want to be thrown into the deep-end again!



My new Halloween cactus, which I’ve called Pumpkin!

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