Home-made Christmas Decorations: Blondie Bauble

I really want to change the Christmas decorations for more meaningful and longer lasting ones, so I decided to make one for Blondie. It’s also another way to remember her, and I’m hoping to do this with each pet from now on.


I started by ordering these clear plastic baubles from Amazon. They were pretty reasonable at £6.99 for 12 of them, and they are so easy to use. The two halves slot together nice and securely.


I then printed two pictures of Blondie from another Christmas when she was still around, and drew around the smaller-lipped bauble half onto each one. I cut both halves out and attached them with double sided sticky tape. I initially used a glue stick, but this ended up being useless and I had to print the pictures out again. I also put a cocktail stick in the middle of the pictures that I’d cut down to fit the baubles. This was so the picture wouldn’t bend or curl inside the bauble, giving it a bit more stability.


With the baubles I received some red and green confetti stuff, so I took some of this and put it in each half of the bauble to sit at the bottom of the picture. I found it gives it a bit more of a 3D effect. I then attached the two halves of the bauble together, sitting the pictures on the inside lip of the bigger-lipped bauble.


To finish the bauble off, I tied some of the supplied red ribbon to the hanging loop at the top and tied it into a ribbon. Although it took some time, trial and error to get it right, it was quite fun to do and it’ll look lovely on our Christmas tree!



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